Woman Put A Water Fountain With A Camera In Her Yard, Here Are Some Photos Of Regular Visitors


Jennifer George lives in a semi-rural area in San Diego County and watching the various animals roaming in her garden from a distance, she thought until she came up with a wonderful idea to take a better look at them clearly. One summer day in 2019, she decided to get some water for a family of coyote pups and that day was the start of that wholesome hobby took search.

She started with a simple metal bowl of water which became pretty popular among local animals it can be very hot in California. it has since been upgraded into a real ‘animal thirst trap’, a bigger bowl and a solar fountain. Many animals flock to George’s wonderful backyard for a refreshing drink or a free pool party. But the best part is that the camera hidden outside the fountain lets us explore the feathered, furry, and scaly reptiles and their behavior up close. Also, some of them, like coyotes and snakes, you probably never wouldn’t like to meet in any way!

Image Credit & More Info: Instagram | TikTok | (H/T: BoredPanda)

#1 A Cat Trespassing. Jennifer Further Stated That Animals Such As Birds Were Frequent Visitors And They Would Leave Definitely After A Bath As Well. Other Nocturnal Visitors Included Skunks, Opossums And Bobcats.

#2 A Cheeky Animal Looking Directly At The Camera While Drinking Water.

#3 Snakes In The House.

#4 Nocturnal Footage Of A Cat Passing By.

#5 Someone Brought A Friend Along Too, This Time.

#6 “I’ve Lived In Southern California All My Life, And Some Of These Animals I’ve Never Seen Before, Like The Long-Tailed Weasel And The Western Tanager,” Jennifer Stated.

#7 A Grown Up Thirsty Pupper.

#8 Exploring The Local Fauna And Wildlife.

#9 Skunks!!!

#10 Wolf Thirst.





















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