15 Pictures That Show Expectation Vs Reality Of Online Shopping


Online shopping is a wonderful alternative for people who don’t like or don’t have the time to shop in malls. Although it offers many advantages, in some cases it becomes an utter disaster. Every online shopper has encountered at least one disappointing deal. So check out the below e-shopping failures and see if yours can be compared with the disappointments that these people were met with. Enjoy!

A large number of modern consumers prefer online shopping due to benefits such as lower prices than in stores and a large and unlimited selection resulting in a wide range of products. It saves costs immensely and traveling time. Not only that, but online stores offer the convenience of being accessible round the clock, and it gives you the empowerment to make purchases at any time you desire. Also, you can be payments easily made via electronic transaction methods, while the products you order are promptly delivered to your doorstep.

#01 This Shirt Is From A Chinese Fast Fashion Website. Who’s Surprised?

Image Credits: mjkazkaz / Reddit

#02 Okay But Not Okay

image credits: SomeTypicalRedditGuy / Reddit

#03 Ever Seen Printed Knit-Sweaters?

image credits: titsmcfitz / Reddit

#04 Seems It Was For Mommy Not For The Kid

image credits: Pleasedontdmme / Reddit

#05 $60 And Non-Refundable

image credits: 1deringifuknow / Reddit

#06 Head Should Have Been A Bit Smaller

image credits: ChloeMalius / Twitter

#07 What A Donut!

image credits: TheRookieGetsACookie / Reddit

#08 By The Way Where’s The Top Part Of The Dress

image credits: Theheadandthefart / Reddit

#09 Even A Hand Can’t Fit In These Boots Ordered For Halloween

image credits: Sallamandersal / Twitter

#10 What A Dress

image credits: MadiBryan3 / Twitter

#11 The Very Rare Occasion When A Bigger Size Arrives

image credits: SophiaCK / Twitter

#12 Wow Another Knit-Sweater

image credits: meatloafthepuppy / Reddit

#13 These Trousers Suit A Slanderman

image credits: psychedelime / Twitter

#14 Though It Was A Prom Dress. But Are You Sure About It?

image credits: kavs126 / Twitter

#15 Skirt Or Serviette?

image credits: huge_loadof-cman / Twitter

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