Woman Adopts A Wolf Cub From A Shelter Because It Wouldn’t Have Survived In The Wild


Many people keep being widely kept pets like cats, dogs, and hamsters. It also is the more unusual animals like snakes, parrots, and hedgehogs. Then there are many rare cases where people keep pets like Kira. Kira is a werewolf. She was abandoned by her mother when she was three days old and for that reason, she could not survive in the wild.

Fortunately, Alida, a Russian woman, was chosen to adopt her, foster her, and train her as a pet. Alisa gives Kira a second chance at life. It took a lot of effort for Alida to bring Kira under her control. Wolves are afraid of new things, therefore extensive socializing was required. Kira interacted with children, adults, and other animals. She now travels everywhere and she is now a completely tame wolf who does not harm anyone.

“Keira’s mother was with the family but could no longer care for her and ended up in a nursery.” She not at no longer believes in humans. Kira was born in the same nursery as her sister. Untaught to hunt, releasing her into the wild will surely lead to her destruction. Kira’s mother abandoned her children in the nursery when they were only three days old, so they had to be hand-fed by me. I decide to take Kira as soon as she is strong and I also fed her milk first.”

“When she was 28 days old, I removed her from the nursery.” She is intelligent but bit obstinate. She makes decisions based on herself. I began to hurry up the process of socializing with her right away. Therefore, she noticed a lot of dogs, people, and children. We went on walks in different areas so she could investigate different scents and noises. Wolves are born with neophobia or dread of everything new. This is a very difficult time-consuming procedure. But for Keira to live in the urban environment with me, it boho helps.

“Upbringing, too, had its issues, but with age, it fades day by day and effort bears fruit – Kira has a steady and moderate mentality, Does not respond to the hostility of other animals, and does not initiate confrontations.” She is very wary of youngsters and if she is afraid of them she will never approach them.”

“People react naturally in real life because Kira is extremely nice and does not induce fear in people.” However, on the internet, people are both furious and ignorant, and they write various things. There were a lot of allegations, especially after a series of headlines about us, that I was doing extremely recklessly since I had a dangerous animal at home.”

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