This Man Tracks Down Strangers He Photographed In The Street 40 Years Ago To Recreate The Old Portraits


Chris Pors, a Paramedic worked in Peterborough, Eastern England, in the 1970s and 1980s when he wandered the city for hours one day, photographing the peaceful people on the streets. The amateur photographer captured stunning and authentic images of people from punks to police officers. Porsz, Nearly 40 years later also known as the “paramedic paparazzo”, has picked up where he left off with his project and is now working as both a shrewd detective and a photographer.

Porsz has spent the past seven years tracking down previous models and convincing them to recreate the iconic pose. Indeed, According to Porsz, no one else has ever located so many strangers and reproduced photographs in this manner. The results are a fascinating look at how people have changed—how they’ve split up, grown up, and changed their styles. It’s the result of “meticulous planning, detective work, and of course the unbelievable coincidences”.

Not only was Porsz’s update a reunion of subjects and photographers. it was frequently a reunion of the people themselves—some of them had not seen one another in decades. Porsz told the Daily Mail, Porsz expressed his thoughts on this to Daily Mail, saying, “It has been incredibly fulfilling to organize so many reunions and watch people’s faces light up when they reconnected with old pals. I’ve felt quite fortunate”

Porsz and author Jo Riley have published together a book suitably titled ‘Reunions’ using images and stories. It is currently accessible on his website.

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