Sausage Dog And A Seal Puppy Met On Vacation And Became Best Friends


We all like to make friends while on vacation. There is a strange mystical quality to socializing with people from the places we visit, as well as strangers from abroad. Maybe, it’s the beginning of a long-lasting friendship. Recently, Stanley the pup went to the local seal sanctuary in Cornwall to enjoy the holidays with his owner, Melanie Talbot. There he befriended a seal pup named Ayla.

Stanley and his owner Melanie Talbot decide to on holiday in Cornwall, England. After, they chose to visit the Sea Life Trust Kosh Seal Sanctuary, with whom Bored Panda got in touch to do an interview. As soon as the duo entered the underwater viewing area, they were drawn to Aayla, a giant seal pup. As soon as Aayla and Stanley connected with each other, both felt a sense of delight.

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It is reported that 2-year-old Ayala was very happy swimming around curiously. They were happy for almost 20 minutes with pictures opportunities and conversation. And my my, was it cute! Aayla is often found by visitors underwater and likes to socialize a lot with dogs and people, says Georgina Shannon of the Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary. Also, This is not the first time Aayla has befriended a dog. “Many times our guests send us photos of Ayalas having fun with their puppies!”

Due to the cold, the dachshund’s ears are tucked and is believed to have caused Ayla to mistake Stanley for another seal. Aayla began imitating certain behaviors, like waving their hand at the dog and tilting her head to the side as many dogs often do. Georgina Shannon Says, “You can see from the photos she was really interested in him and spent a long time looking at him through the glass.”
Owner Talbot of the dachshund said, “It seemed like we were pals at first sight.” They seem to be whispering something to each other as they bump each other’s noses against the glass. They then posed for the camera, with Aayla’s head tilt making her appear more like a dog than a seal. An owner has reported that dachshunds often sleep with their feet closed, giving them a seal-like appearance. And why wouldn’t these two be pals at first sight? They are both puppies after all!

A nonprofit called the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, Cornwall rescues and treats ill, hurt, or distressed seals life as well as other marine creatures. When the animals are healthy again, they try to free themselves and if they can’t, they give themselves a permanent home in the sanctuary. Aayla is just one of many animals that numerous have found a new home here.

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