Photographer Captures A Perfect Shot Of A Cute Barn Owl In The Middle Of The Run


Have you ever heard about barn owl photography? Here are the rare moments when a baby barn owl was caught on camera while crossing the grass.

63-year-old Dutch photographer Hannie Heere, capture this unusual photo.

Usually, owls start flapping their wings immediately after 7 weeks. They begin short flights as they begin week 8. Then, how do they get around before flapping the wings? Definitely! They use their legs.

Similarly, this particular baby owl has decided to start running and Hannie Heere, who has photography skills, has managed to capture the same moment.

“It was when I was laying on the ground, I saw this brave young bird start running across the lawn,” said Heere to PetaPixel. “This young bird did not fly, yet was not afraid. I managed to get the perfect pictures about 5-6 meters away from it.”

It didn’t take long for the picture to gain fame and love on social media after it was posted online.

Heere said, “I was extremely surprised [at how popular the photo has been],”

It’s a really appreciable picture. Indeed, Isn’t this picture of the snowy white owl quite eye-catching and adorable? Make sure to check more on Heere Facebook Page.

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