Photographer Captures A Cute Penguin Couple Walking On Beach Holding Hands


You’ve seen plenty of couples walking hand in hand on the beach, but have you ever seen a pair of penguins holding hands while walking on the beach? Now it seems we are being turned upside down by animals like penguins.

Finding a soulmate is indeed a challenge. Because we must spend the rest of our lives with him. For many peoples, this is an unachievable goal in life. Like us, penguins love to walk like this with their companions. Their love is a romance novelist’s dream.

These two penguins seem to be on a date at the beach. These two African penguins are enjoying their romance just like in a movie. See how they gaze out to sea holding flippers of one another.

According to details, this adorable video was recorded at Boulders Beach, about 30 miles south of Cape Town. This incredible beach is home to a colony of Jackass penguins, also known as African penguins. Aren’t you really interested in visiting this beach?

Don’t forget to watch the video of these adorable penguins holding hands together until you get there. Hope you Loved this collection. Happy trails until we meet again! Share These Amazing pictures With Your Friend or Family, Be Safe!


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