Orphaned Baby Zebra And Rhino Calf Comforts And Helps Each Other Heal


The friendship between a baby zebra and a rhinoceros is all the proof you need that the animal kingdom is full of the unlikeliest friendships. The Modjadji baby zebra and Daisy the baby rhino live in a rhino sanctuary in South Africa. The two buds helped each other with their healing process. Shortly time after Daisy was admitted to the sanctuary, Modjadji also came along.

In late November, Modjadji was brought to the sanctuary ICU toward the care unit, citing storms and heavy rain. At the time she appeared to be about a week old. Friendships were formed upon meeting and over time they became like family. As the rhino calf and baby zebra grew up, they became stronger and braver.

Both started to develop with each other and with time their curiosity grew. Both started helping each other and interacting with each other. Apparently, rhinos are known to be social creatures that require companionship. Modjadji provides Daisy with good companionship and displays the best affection toward her. Sometimes, it only took little as a month to prove itself.

This baby zebra and baby rhino are not friends, but more like family. At night, daisy feels more comfortable and secure. Modjadji is a best friend who can be with Daisy at all times, giving her round-the-clock attention. Another benefit of this wonderful friendship is ensuring that there is not too much human contact.

Once the two buds are recovered and fully recovered, the sanctuary hopes to release them to allow them to live with their own kind. Until then baby zebra and the baby rhino will be each other’s family. Indeed, how wonderful it is to be there animals for animals in times of need. The photographs of the two cuddling together are sure to melt your heart.

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Image Credit & More Info: Careforwild/instagram | Facebook | Careforwild.co.za


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