Orchid Mantis – The Beautiful Bug That Looks Just Like A Flower


This world is full of fascinating creatures that we have never seen before. The story we are going to tell today is something you have most probably never heard in your life. The orchid mantis resembles a beautiful pink orchid flower. It is a very rare species of bug. This unique bug is endemic to Malaysia and can be found in tropical and humid forests.

Now, are you not fooled by their looks? Although they look beautiful and delicate, they are quite dangerous. A technique used to hunt down these bugs is aggressive mimicry. They climb on top of flowering plants to disguise themselves and patiently wait for their prey to come near them. The prey is fooled into thinking that the orchid mantis is a harmless flower. Just then, the orchid mantis approaches the prey and strikes immediately after securing it.

Image Credit & More Info: derangedzookeeper/Instagram

Their appearance similar to a flower helps a lot in hunting and hiding from predators. Butterflies and bees approach the orchid mantis for pollination. Little do they know that they are not sitting on a flower, such is the orchid mantis’ skill in disguise. They mostly use aggressive mimicry techniques. They feed on small insects that are comparatively easy to hunt.

Surprisingly, these deadly bugs hunt even large prey such as mice, frogs, and lizards. Their successful hunting tactic acts as a secret weapon that allows them to hunt outsmart prey as well. Females of these animals are about 6 cm long, while males grow to about half that length. Although dangerous, these creatures live very short lives. Their average life span is less than 8 months. Due to this charming exterior, they are also very popular as pets.

Is It An Orchid? Or Is It A Bug?

Camouflage As Its Best.

The Beauty Of Nature Right Here In One Picture.

This Video About Orchid Mantis Will Amaze You!

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