Meet Famous Puppy ‘Oreo Cloud’ Who Now Becomes A Beautiful Fluffy 85-Pound Dog


If you’ve ever fallen in love with a dog, you would know there’s no turning back for you. It doesn’t be counted whether you have not previously loved any dog or often had been puzzled by using those who love dogs immensely. You will end up loving and appreciating them a lot. Dogs have always been man’s best friend, and considering how lovely, kind and affectionate they are, there is no surprise behind that. If you’re a fan of dogs, you probably could have come across pictures of ‘Oreo Cloud.’ His photos once went viral on the internet.

Oreo Cloud or this little cutie managed to steal the hearts and attention of everyone on the internet with his unique coat and stunning eyes. He looked like a little teddy bear back then, however, we understand that these puppies grow up really quickly. Just think about your puppy. If you look at the pictures of him when you brought him home and the pictures of him now, you will be surprised and there is a big difference between them. While we all love how cute they look as pups, we can’t prevent them from growing up.

Image Credit & More Info: Oreo Cloud AKA Chief | The Oreo Cloud

So, you will be surely surprised to see how this Oreo Cloud seems after one and a half years. This cute little puppy has grown into a huge 80 pounds lion, and I think you’ll realize just how big he is.

His owner Sare said that,

“He loves playing with other dogs and kids,”. “Now that he’s older, he’s proved to be a completely patient pup that is curious to learn, but ultimately he’s just as perfect if not more than the first day we got him.”

So, keep scrolling down to see these lovely pictures of the collection and also the Oreo Cloud and how he has grown up through the years, and I am sure you to love him. Don’t forget to share these pictures with your family members and friends!

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