Hawk Just Can’t Understand Why This ‘Duck’ Isn’t Afraid Of Him


Today we are telling the story about a hawk who had an interesting day in his life. We all know that the animal world is a world full of love. But don’t forget that conflicts are also part of the animal world, where the predator hunts the prey. However, this hawk who comes to our story one day while looking for some food found a duck. But the duck ignored the hawk’s presence and was resting quite peacefully on a patch of turf.

The hawk was rather amazed because the duck seemed to question his power. He couldn’t bear the duck to ignore him like this. As a hunter, this hawk has many reasons for not wanting to be ignored by a duck, especially one that was an unequal opponent. The duck was completely unaware of the hawk’s hunting methods, and the hawk was disappointed that it could not instill fear in the duck.

Indeed, the best part is that the hawk doesn’t know that this duck is a decoy figurine. This is why the duck was not intimidated by the see of this hunter. This video of the entire incident will surely make you smile. For a while, this hawk tries to intimidate and conquer this strange looking duck. The hawk even kept looking around from time to time, as if to ensure that he wasn’t being pranked by someone.

The hawk rushes towards the duck and tries to frighten him by trying to grab the with its claws. After seeing no reaction, the hawk placing its claws everywhere on the duck’s body as if to wake it from a deep sleep. After the efforts fail, the hawk leaves in search of a worthy opponent. The hawk will surely never forget this unique encounter ever in his life.

Video Credit & More Info: Garybob/YouTube

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