Bobo The Gorilla Has Made Best Friends With A Tiny Bush Baby


Ape Action Africa is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of endangered gorillas, monkeys, and chimpanzees. It is one of the biggest primate conservation projects in Africa. The majority of the animals there are orphans that come in due to illegal pet and bushmeat trades. Its trustees conduct peace checks for 300 residents and these checkups usually give them routine results.

But once in a while, these animals never forget to surprise these caregiving experts. One day, a caregiver observed a western lowland gorilla named Bobo in front of a new friend and this gorilla was cradling a wild and young bush baby. The bush baby showed no any fear of this gorilla and moved around his body.

Image Credits & More Info: apeactionafrica/Alex Benitez | Ape Action Africa/Facebook | Watchjojo Animals

The young animal even spent time hopping in the open before it decided to return to the gorilla. The caretaker was not surprised by this incident, because Bebo is known for being gentle, though Bobo was the dominant male in his group. He was a gorilla who fought for his position. But after being observed, he also had a gentle side attached to him.

Since they are nocturnal, they are rarely seen during the day. Also, no one at the Mefou Sanctuary had observed a wild primate interacting with a rescued one before. While the gorilla’s other companions were quite surprised by his friend, Bebo did not want to share the bush baby with others.

After the two of them spent two hours together, the gorilla returned his friend to some trees. They can be as scary as most of us believe, but these animals also have a gentle side within them. A good example is seeing how loving and caring the gorillas are.

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