Adorable Moments Of Animals That Tell A Story About Themselves Caught On Camera


#1 They Love and Enjoy The Attention They Get From Humans.

Animals are just like humans. The picture is a cute gesture of a dolphin, having its head above water to say hello to the people watching it. Since dolphins are social animals they stand out of water to greet us when we are around. They are highly intelligent and they know when we talk to them and smile at them. They respond to us in a friendly manner. Who wouldn’t want to be the center of attention? All of them definitely. Dolphins enjoy the attention people give them.

Photo by Ádám Berkecz via Unsplash

#2 Oh My God!

A human expression that all of us can relate to. Probably this is why it is said that monkeys have human traits. The young monkey’s facial expression makes it evident. It just resembles a 3-year old watching someone on the sly.

Photo by Jamie Haughton via Unsplash

#3 A Jolly Good Walk With a Jolly Good Friend.

Dog’s too have fun when they are around their friends. It’s that amazing feeling when you meet a  good old friend after a long time, you just want to have a jolly good time with them. The two dogs have met after a longtime and have decided to have some fun. They are the best of friends and one turned out to be a pet and the other turned out to be a street dog. The image shows how happy they are to meet each other after a long time.

Photo by Alvan Nee via Unsplash

#4 Cats are kind too.

Have you ever wondered why butterflies land on a cat’s nose? Not really have you?

This picture depicts the friendship they have. Regardless of size they talk to each other for hours. It’s a moment of friendship they share. The cat is looking into the eye of the butterfly out of love. These are unique moments of animals that are caught on camera. Animals are not always the bad people we think. They also have a heart to love somebody and to be kind. It’s just that they have to find the right people for it.

Photo by Karina Vorozheeva via unsplash

#5 A Long Drive After a Longtime.

Dogs enjoy long drives when they get to have the back seat for themselves. They enjoy the breeze and that rush of air flares their fur. It makes them happy people when they get home just like us. Wearing a happy smile is generally not a trait of dogs but this picture clearly shows how happy the doggy is. A happy and smiling moment of a dog caught on camera. Experts say that dogs smile in response to human smiles, and also they smile when they are relaxing, feeling contented, greeting someone and while playing. Have you ever noticed that?

Photo by Ja San Miguel via unsplash

#6 Mother’s Love is Unconditional!

Mothers possess a remarkable strength to play the role of a mother. It is not just for humans, it’s for animals too. Despite the challenges, motherhood is the most rewarding job in the world. No matter the species, a mother would be ecstatic and fulfilled upon completing her duties.

Babies view their mother’s arms as the safest place, which is why they do not want to be left aside even for a while. Parenting is a huge responsibility. It is not for everyone as everyone has different potentials.

Photo by Lewis Roberts via Unsplash

#7 Mummy Please Be With Me, I Feel So Vulnerable.

Babies are always vulnerable and they feel vulnerable too, but not when moms are around them. Moms are our safety net. A protective hand. Babies feel so secure when mummy is around. Safe and healthy attachment is the basis that allows your child to explore the world and return to a safe place. Attachment is the initial method by which a child learns to organize emotions, behaviors, and by modeling the person who gives them comfort and care. Monkeys are more protective of their children as they possess human traits. 

Photo by Mayur Sable via Unsplash

#8 A Hug From My Mother Means The Whole World To Me.

When moms hug us we find ourselves in a cocoon of love and affection. The hug promises to protect us from all the problems I may face. It also gives us the strength to face all the challenges in our life. It makes us calm and feels like she is there to take care of all our problems. That is the impact a mother’s hug can have! Mummy has a magic wand to heal us and protect us. All children long for this love from a mother, not just humans animals too.

Photo by Rebecca Campbell via Unsplash

#9 How hilarious is that?

I just can’t take it. My stomach hurts. Have you had this kind of laugh? I am sure you have like we roll on the bed, it seems like animals do the same. A pet dog having a hearty laugh on the owner’s bed. I wonder what was so funny that made this dog laugh its head out while sticking its tongue out. Never would have imagined that dogs laugh like this too. Dogs are the friendliest pets when you bond with them well. They care for you like no other. A close up of a doggy laugh.

Photo by charlesdeluvio via unsplash

#10 Playing With Mummy Are The Best Times In a Child’s Life.

One such moment. It is no different to animals. Mummy and children’s playtime is memorable. 

Before giving birth, elephants carry their young ones for nearly two years. The elephant mothers should be rewarded highly for this. Two years is a long time. Then, they ensure that their young ones receive the best nutrition they need, teach their children the most valuable skills, and demonstrate how to lead the herd during difficult times. Elephants recognize that their mothers are the most knowledgeable; their herds are matriarchal.

Photo by Hu Chen via Unsplash


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