40 Wild Animals Delightfully Interfering Wildlife Photographers


How many of you have heard the saying, As the old saying goes: “Never work with children or animals.” do you agree with this phrase? It describes the unpredictable nature of kids and animals.That mention that both these groups aren’t always the most cooperative colleagues. If they have kids or pets in your home you have already experienced this situation. Why do they do so? It’s their curiosity. Yes that’s it reason! You’d always see them disturbing you even though it’s a video meeting of the office or a important phone or anything else. But as it seems is not only unique to Pets. All animals share that curiosity as well.

If you are a wildlife photographer you know this better. You’d have to definitely accept it if I said wild animals don’t care about what we doing in their territories. Yet, we can admit that they are always curious.

Once, In a viral Twitter thread, Joaquim Campa compiled an interesting list of animals that interrupt wildlife photographers. The list includes Foxes, leopard cubs, meerkats, seals and penguins peeking at the camera lens in this extensive list. And also there are some instances where the animals have become photographers in the same list. This picture would definitely marvel you and make you loud say “aww.”

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More Info: Joaquin Campa


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