30+ Best Scenery Photos That Look Photoshopped, But Actually Are Real


The pace of life is increasing day by day due to the development of technology. It has made our lives so easy that we have forgotten to appreciate the world we live in. Whatever, one of the good results of advanced technology is the development of arts like photography that help to capture the amazing things in the world.

If you’re a person who surfed the Internet a lot, you’re definitely a healthy skeptic. It is true that we are often deceived by what we see on the Internet, but that does not mean that everything we see is falsified with Photoshop. The images we have chosen to present may look fake, but they are 100% real.

The photographs in this collection are fascinating pictures of nature in exotic places or unexpected coincidences so some of them are intentionally drawn by the artists.

#1 A Hurricane Destroyed These Giants That Were Standing Up.

Image source: quaxay / reddit

#2 What Wonderful Wire Art By Benedict Radcliffe!

Image source: Benedict Radcliffe

#3 I Love Big Meals!

Image source: IBOY / twitter

#4 100% Realistic Sculpture Of Ron Mueck.

Image source: Ron Mueck / facebook

#5 The Floating Tap Fountain!

Image source: redmonder / imgur

#6 Have You Seen This Arcus Cloud Dust Storm In Australia?

Image source: Emilio J. Rodríguez Posada / wikimedia commons

#7 This Sinkhole Was Formed In 2010 In Guatemala.

Image source: RobyWanPerHobby / imgur

#8 Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht – The World’s First On-Land-Cruise Ship.

Image source: Malgoyadooya / imgur

#9 These 2 Fishermen From China Make Their Way Through An Algae Filled River.

Image source: Jianan Yu / Reuters

#10 Both A Rainbow And A Tornado Together In Kansas.

Image source: bigpaynis / imgur

#11 The Majestic Jellyfish With A Lion’s Mane.

Image source: Best Earth Pics ‏/ twitter

#12 Hyper Realistic Illusions.

Image source: Georges Rousse

#13 A Wonderful Mirrored Shelter In The Middle Of A Desert In California.

Image source: malgoya / reddit

#14 Finally, The Steps Became A Point.

Image source: Wannart ‏/ twitter

#15 She Ping With Around 460,000 Bees Attached.

Image source: STR/AFP / Getty Images

This 34-year-old local beekeeper She Ping covered himself with a swarm of bees on 9th of April on a small hill in southwest China’s Chongqing. This was done within 40 minutes and the bee coat weighed around 45.65kg.

#16 This Shows The Power Of Make-Up.

Image source: Valerie Macon / Getty Images

#17 Salar De Uyuni, The World’s Largest Salt Flat In Bolivia.

Image source: unknown

#18 This Boat That Looks Like It’s Flying.

Image source: Domenico Formichella

#19 Zhangye Danxia, What A Wonderful Landform In Gansu, China!

Image source: unbelievableinfo.blogspot.it

#20 Geometric Trees In Schonbrunn Park.

Image source: imgur.com

#21 How Amazing These Lenticular Clouds Are!

Image source: Brian Middleton

#22 This Is A Frozen Pond In Switzerland.

Image source: dartai

#23 This Utility-Pole Burned Out.

Image source: Игорь Подгорный

#24 Hausmannian Building On Georges V Ave. In Paris.

Image source: Jaimie Rose

#25 What Magic?

Image source: unknown

#26 The Reflected Image Of A Pile Of Timber. 

Image source: florian schaller

#27 The Cartoonish Sculpture In New Zealand.

Image source: Phonedojo

#28 Undulatus Asperatus.

Image source: wittap

#29 Alicia Martin’s Falling Book Sculpture.

Image source: unknown

#30 The Cellular Pattern Of Pouches Hanging In The Sky.

Image source: Ken Lewis

#31 A Couple Of Hula Hoops (Potato Snacks) Dropped Into Coffee By Mistake.

Image source: Stuart Rutherford

#32 This Is What The Trees Of Western Hungary Look Like After A Toxic Waste Spill.

Image source: Palíndromo Mészáros

#33 The Amazing Glowworms Cave In Newzealand.

Image source: waitomo.com

#34 3D Grass Globe Illusion At Paris City Hotel.

Image source: François Abélanet

#35 She Knew To Match Her Style With The Beach.

Image source: Wilma Hurskainen

#36 The Sand Dunes In Namib Desert, Namibia.

Image source: Martin Bailey

#37 The Flying House Is Led By 300 Weather Balloons As Per The Ideas Of Scientists, Engineers And Two World-Class Balloon Pilots.

Image source: National Geographic

#38 Phytoplankton Decorate The Maldive Beach.

Image source: William Ho

#39 Giant Dog Perspective.

Image source: Chicagothedog

#40 The Japanese Blue Pond.

Image source: Kent Shiraishi

#41 The Plumage Of The Nicobar Pigeon!

Image source: dpfunsun

Hope you Loved this collection. Happy trails until we meet again! Share These Amazing pictures With Your Friend or Family, Be Safe!


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