25 Photos That Show Mother Nature’s Witty and Cheeky Mind


Nothing can beat the beauty of Mother Nature, Mother Nature amazes us every day with breathtaking and amazing scenes.

Mother Nature is more than majestic and beautiful. Also, she has a terrific sense of humor. This is proven by the collection of 30 “special” nature photos we found on the Internet. Some of these creations are so human-like that they make your skin blush. It’s too long to describe, so scroll down to see them all!

#01 This Tomato

Image Source:  zazzles23

#02 A Storm Damaged The Tree’s Top. It Now Looks Like A Man Out For A Walk

Image Source: mdegroat

#03 The Bum Of This Tree

Image Source: OutstandingBill

#04 A Pigeon Wearing Feathers On Its Feet

Image Sourcericktr0ll

#05 Eggplant Is Known For Its Long… Nose

Image Source: Gamehenged

#06 This Chick Was Born Wearing Winged Eyeliners

Image Source: Cjinator11

#07 “A Little Piece Of A Miracle”


#08 The Wood Knots Look Like A Dog’s Teeth:

Image Source: joelbonsel

#09 “Found These “Wands”, In The Park, Near A Fallen Tree

Image Source: cristinaf

#10 Blurry Leaves

Image Source: OnlyHereForLOLs

#11 A Potato That Looks Like A Pear

Image Source: attaariba

#12 The Tree Looks Like Straight-up Broccoli

Image Source: Bdogg242

#13 This Watermelon Looks Almost Like It Has Tongues

Image Source: Unknown

#14 Cute And Round… Mushroom

Image Source: gigazine

#15 These Trees’ Interiors:

Image Source: 4rch7ek: molehillmilk

#16 “I Didn’t Know Fruit Could Express Such Expression!”

Image Source: rawrtherapy

#17 Strawberry On The Inside, Tomato On The Outside

Image Source: Unknown

#18 I Walked Outside This Morning And Found These

Image Source: ronaldplett

#19 Moth With A Chicken Face On The Back

Image Source: SenorPeligro

#20 Nature Has Censored The Safety Sign At Work

Image Source: cukorbogyo

#21 Can You Guess The Shape Of This Strawberry?

Image Source: huffpost

#22 This Carrot

Image Source: pinterest

#23 Mother Rock And Her Child

Image Source: Unknown

#24 Apple Print In An Apple Tree

Image Source: pikabu

#25 Tiramisu Desert

Image Source: pikabu

Hope you Loved this Collection. Happy trails until we meet again! Share These Amazing pictures With Your Friend or Family, Be Safe!


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