Wildlife Photographers Capture Happy Moments of Animals in their Habitat


Nature photography is challenging to learn and not everyone can do it. It is something that you learn by doing. If you aspire to become an expert in the field, however, you need a great deal of empathy and patience, skill and the ability to be in the right place at the right time.

All animals love the company of their mother. They love to play and go on piggy backs with their mothers. Taking pictures in their natural environment gives us a good picture of what kind of life they live in their own world. The picture does not show anything different to humans. Just like humans they live a simple life just like us. Capturing these moments requires skills and expertise. It also shows us the actual life they lead in their own habitat. The secret behind successful photography lies in the skill of the photographer.

Nagara Oyodo via Unsplash

A cat was caught on camera playing with flowers. The photographer has made all the effort not to scare away the cat and has been able to shoot a picture. A great skill portrayed by the photographer because cats are sensitive animals and will stop doing anything when they see humans around while they are playing. The cat’s cute expression has its own beauty and the color combination is amazing, a black cat with white flowers in a green background. The photographer has caught all the fine details on camera perfectly.

IlonaBurschl / 770 images via pixabay

The chicks have found the best cozy place on a towel. The photographer has captured the picture at the right moment before they could walk out of the towel. It is a perfect color combination with the towel. Chicks are mischievous creatures and will always want to move. It would have been a challenge to shoot a picture with these little adventurous creatures. The photographer’s attempt is commendable and has managed to capture the happy moment of these birds while they are looking to run on their next mischievous errand.

congerdesign / 4105 images via pixabay 

A horse and its kids having a mother and child affair while the photographer has shot a picture on the sly. Seems like they are meeting after a long day of work, with rides back to back. The kid seems to be exhausted and the mother seems to be consoling her. The photographer has been very lucky to capture these moments, as he has had the opportunity to be there and the ability to catch them on camera. Horses are highly sensitive animals. Knowing the art not to disturb them while shooting a picture will make a photographer a skillful one.

Perle20 / 258 images via pixabay

A penguin parade in the snow. Penguins generally like to be photographed. They are not easily scared away. They enjoy the attention people give them. It is usually quite easy to photograph penguins. It is quite easy to find penguins to photograph them but the length of the journey to get to them can be tedious, as they are more often found in icy cold places and on sea banks. It is a challenge to the photographer to go to the region where the penguins live.

sharonang / 1077 images via pixabay

A comforting moment of elephants captured. Animals communicate in different ways. Even though they are animals they care for each other.This gesture is a way of showing sympathy and comfort to each other. Elephants don’t attack humans unless they feel a threat, and elephants don’t like humans on foot, so most of the time photographers take pictures while seated in a vehicle. Photographers are still careful when they shoot pictures of elephants. Moreover they are quite familiar with elephant body language and know if the elephant will attack them or not. A moment of love, care and empathy for the elephants. 

Image by Molly Tolzmann via flickr

An adventurous pet rabbit trying to eat the green vegetable at home. The wildlife photographer has been there just on time with his camera. Rabbits are highly sensitive animals; they just can’t even tolerate a gentle toddler. They love to hide and don’t enjoy human interaction. The photographer has made a great effort in taking this picture. He has managed not to disturb the rabbit and also has captured a front view of the rabbit. A job well done in term of the picture.

Alexas_Fotos / 22073 images via pixabay

Another creature full of mischief. Squirrels are generally not afraid of humans but they are cautious of any threat that humans can pose. If the squirrels are disturbed while eating they will discontinue what they are doing and run away. These are some of the challenges a wildlife photographer faces when it comes to photographing sensitive creatures. A squirrel enjoying a nut in its natural habitat is a sight we always come across if we have a small garden, but capturing that on camera so perfectly is a skill that should be learned.

KMBurke / 19 images via pixabay 

A zebra pair having a good time together. Zebras are known to be gentle animals. But when they are faced with a threat they will attack. Zebras are not people friendly animals. They are known to kick people to death and also known to bite humans if they come too close. Photographing zebras is a risk that any photographer can take. But a well shot picture of the zebra couple by a courageous wildlife photographer.

alexander-strachan / 348 images via pixabay

A graceful dolphin pair leap captured by a wildlife photographer. Dolphins are human friendly animals. They enjoy human attention and interaction. Most photographers find it a challenge to identify where the dolphins are because dolphins are found in certain regions during a certain season. During this season dolphins go ballistic. They leap out of the water and do backflips. This is the ideal time to do a dolphin photoshoot. It definitely requires the skill to capture it leaping out of water. A great picture!

Michelle_Maria / 3873 images

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