The Wildlife Photography Awards Bring 25 Images That Exhibit The Beauty And Ferocity In Nature


The Wildlife Photography Awards really is the gift that keeps on giving and this is in which participants from all over the world take part. Also, Their submissions never fail to surprise us with their weird wonder of nature.

A couple of years back. That competition was hosted organization of the History Museum in London. They released a shortlist with 25 images, which range from the adorable and the amusing. Among them some of the images showed the cruelty of humans toward the animals.

The following images were shortlisted from 49,000 entries.


Image: Emmanuel Rondeau


Image: Sergio Marijuán Campuzano


Image: Petri Pietiläinen


Image: Petri Pietiläinen


Image: Pallavi Prasad Laveti


Image: Andrew Lee


Image: Frédéric Larrey


Image: Sam Sloss


Image: Neil Anderson


Image: Oliver Richter


Image: Andy Parkinson


Image: Joseph Dominic Anthony


Image: Thomas P. Peschak


Image: Mogens Trolle


Image: Andrey Shpatak


Image: Wim Van Den Heever


Image: Guillermo Esteves


Image: Gary Meredith


Image: Sergio Marijuán Campuzano


Image: Douglas Gimesy


Image: Robert Irwin


Image: Laurent Ballesta


Image: Ami Vitale


Image: Britta Jaschinski


Image: Kirsten Luce

Hope you loved these cute animals pictures. Happy trails until we meet again! Share This Amazing Story With Your Friend or Family, Be Safe!


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