The Best 20 Super Funny Animal Images That Show How Panorama Shots Fail


This article presents 20 unique and funny examples to show how to fail Animals panorama shots. Almost more peoples know what a panorama is. For those who don’t know, panorama is a kind of photo technology that lets you take a series of images with scenes that overlap to create a wide scene in a horizontal.

Get yourself ready for some big laughs and fun. This here is a list of animals panorama that didn’t stay failed just because animals couldn’t hold still for long enough. The results are so funny and unique at the same time. Keep going down to enjoy the photo collection. In the meantime, get ready for a loud laugh.

#1 Is It A Kind Of New Species?

Image Source: emeliegidlund

#2 Kangaroo-Dog Hybrid In Flight.

Image Source: garthr

#3 And Then… SOMEONE Decided To Move During The Beautiful Panorama.

Image Source: loke_and_nala

#4 I’ll Never Drink Again!

Image Source: panoramafail

#5 Panorama Dog Version One.

Image Source: PuppermintJerry

#6 Panorama Dog Version Two.

Image Source: jamesythe3rd

#7 My Dogs Became Just Like Sonic The Hedgehog For The Sake Of The Panorama Shot.

Image Source: my_life_on_this_planet

#8 Oh My God!

Image Source: rompotodo

#9 This Is My Friend’s Panorama Dog.

Image Source: lollime13

#10 For Me, This Dog Looks Like A Caterpillar.

Image Source: natmiller

#11 Mum Can’t Handle Laughing!

Image Source:

#12 A Three Tailed Monster Doggy.

Image Source: panoramafail

#13 Is There Anyone Who Needs A Headless Dog?

Image Source: panoramafail

#14 A Panorama Shot Of My New Backyard And The Doggy.

Image Source: Fantasma3

#15 A Perfect Failure!

Image Source: xochikoko

#16 Six Legged Cat Girl.

Image Source: Unknown

#17 This Is How A Panorama Shot Of A Horse Looks Like.

Image Source: emmavreyes

#18 Ears Doubled!

Image Source: peyton_the_samoyed

#19 This Is Milo, The 11-Headed Dog.

Image Source: seajayvee

#20 This Giraffe Started Walking While I Was Taking The Panorama Shot.

Image Source: Jacksonteague

Hope you loved this cute animal photo collection. Happy trails until we meet again! Share This Amazing Story With Your Friend or Family, Be Safe!


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