Photographer Captures A Rainbow Of Light Diffracts Through Hummingbird Wings


Australian photographer Christian Spencer was enjoying the sights in Rio de Janeiro when he saw a hummingbird flying past the sun with its wings spread.

The creature’s body looked like it was made of colorful rainbows. Christian also captured the bird’s incredible rainbow movements and made a film in 2011 called ‘The Dance of Time.’ The film was watched by many and won 10 international awards. After some time the talented photographer resumed to continue his ‘Rainbow Hummingbird’ work.

Here he tried to capture an amazing phenomenon created by the wings of birds. The final results were flawless and he has named and presented an album of pictures ‘Winged Prism’. Also, many people have asked him if he edited the pictures and Spencer says no digital manipulation was done.

It happens because the light is diffraction through the wings of the Jacobin hummingbird. Spencer receives a lot of emails telling him how popular his pictures have become. No one believe that this was real.

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#1 Undoubtedly proof of the beauty of nature

#2 Is it a rainbow? Or is it a bird?

#3 The moment where a rainbow and a bird come together

#4 Looks like a mesmerizing painting done by an artist

#5 Have you ever seen something as breathtaking as the rainbow-colored wings of the hummingbird?

#6 Behold the glorious winged prism

#7 A tiny little rainbow of its own

#8 Looks like a bird that came right out of a fairytale

#9 One of the most beautiful phenomenon in the world

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