Photographer Captured A Laughing Dormouse Perched On A Flower


Myoxidae and The Dormouse are the common names for species of rodents in the Gliridae family. Characterized by squirrel-like curved claws, large eyes and blunt. Dormice have bushy and short tails and long, bushy tails. This hostel is famous for its hibernation because it can be done all year round.

Because of their penchant for food, they live in nests in trees, bushes, stone walls and plant material. They also consume fruits, nuts, birds’ eggs, and some insects. They usually sleep for long periods, particularly during the winter. There is an edible mouse species known as the dormouse. They are gray in color and have a tail length of up to 8 cm.

Image Credit & More Info: Andrea Zampatti/ Instagram | Andrea Zampatti/ Facebook

“The Laughing Squirrel” was selected as the land category winner of the Comedy Wildlife Awards 2017. Andrea Zampatti captures adorable nature to its fullest in this image.

The talented photographer, Zampatti, always captured her shots using the ethereal atmosphere that surrounds wildlife.

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