Photographer Captured A Crow Rides On The Back Of An Eagle


We all know that eagles are ferocious and majestic birds among birds. Eagles are revered in many cultures and many stories and folklore are woven around the eagle. Also, the eagle’s figures can even be seen on the emblems of countries such as Finland and the United States of America. The eagle stands in stark contrast to the raven, a bird considered a nuisance in many cultures. However, crows are well-known as fearless defenders. This incident is for all the proof you need.

A talented bird photographer from California, Phoo Chan, has captured a rare photo of a crow alighting and enjoying a ride on a bald eagle in flight. Also, his photographs have even been featured in National Geographic. Chan said Crows are recognized for aggressively harassing raptors that are larger in body size when they are seen in territories belonging to crows.

Image Credit & More Info: Phoo Chan/ Instagram | Facebook | 500px | Twitter | Flickr

After, if there is no trouble from invaders, they will go. But in this situation, the crow didn’t bother the eagle and instead decided to land on his back. The crow even went on a free ride on the back of the eagle. What a showoff right? The eagle didn’t seem to care about the crow’s landing and was more than happy to oblige.

Even when the two birds were in close proximity, the eagle was fine with the crow invading its personal space. As seen in those photos, the crow riding the bald eagle as if it owned the bald eagle. Maybe, the crow may be trying to show that the eagle is not the king of the birds.

Despite these photographs appearing to be unique and strange, this is not the first time a scene as unbelievable and rare as this was captured on camera – check out the A tiny bird uses a flower petal as her bathtub

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