Meet Enzo –The Unique Golden Retriever Born With A Amazing Birthmark


All of us have something about us that we are unique. Also, some people have unique physical characteristics, some others have unique personality traits. It is not different for animals. While Birthmarks fall under the category of physical attributes and allow us to identify others in split second. His unique birthmark makes him different from other golden retrievers.

Enzo is a cuddly, sweet, and cute little dog who was fortunate enough to have his forever home at just 2 years old. Enzoi is a very friendly dog. Enzo suffers from a rare genetic mutation that highlights his physical characteristics and that causes him to be distinct from the other dogs.  Because of this, caused a huge black splotch around his eye area.

Image Credit & More Info: mister.enzoviola/Instagram

Even though purebred golden retrievers commonly have one shiny golden coat, he has a fairly huge birthmark covering the left side of his face. This birthmark definitely makes adds to more beauty of his. Golden retrievers are typically born with a base black coat. Modifier genes give them a golden color. Every golden retriever has this modifier gene.

In Enzo’s case, he had a small stumble in his DNA, and this removed the modifier gene from the left eye area of his face. This is rare and is known as pigmented somatic cell mutation. Whatever, because of this birthmark, Enzo becomes very famous. Enzo is now an Instagram star with around 195K followers. Although the dog has no idea of this, he is ever to live as any ordinary golden retriever would.

People love this dog and his adorable birthmark. Meanwhile, Enzo is on a mission to befriend the whole world.  Sometimes, people confuse the breed of his dog and think it is a mutt because golden retrievers are solid-colored. Another interesting fact about him is extremely big relative to his age. Don’t forget to Follow him on Instagram to enjoy his more pictures. His Instagram username is mister.enzoviola.

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