10 Pics Of Large Snow Leopards Who Love Eating Their Fluffy Tails – OM NOM NOM


Snow Leopards have the most adorable tails ever. Their tails are almost as tall as they are – somewhere between 80 – 105 centimeters long. And they are used to help to protect balance. Their tails also serve as a perfect thing for them to OM NOM NOM!

Snow leopards in their natural habitat are seen wrapping their large and long tails around their noses to protect themselves from the cold. It is hard to explain why they’d do that when in captivity. Yet, the reason for this is quite difficult to generalize.

Get ready to check out snow leopard pictures. Scroll down to enjoy it! Don’t forget to share the article with your family and friends. Let us know your favorite pictures. Happy trails until we meet again!


Image Source: Terrie K


Image Source: JB Baskin


Image Source: theweaselking


Image Source: smileybears


Image Source: Andreas Richter


Image Source: imgur


Image Source: imgur


Image Source: Martinus Scriblerus


Image Source: Tiefenschaerfe


Image Source: Sujit Mahapatra


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